Friday, September 12, 2008

Ram Narayan video

I've been listening a lot to Ram Narayan recently, partly encouraged by the Oxford public library's decision to sell off its vinyl collection, where I've found some beautiful recordings of Hindustani classical music. (If you live anywhere near Oxford, don't go and check it out because I want all the Ocora records they're selling at a pound each for myself!) This beautiful video is from the excellent site, which is full of equally excellent stuff, including here full pdfs and accompanying audio examples from an excellent but sadly out-of-print book by Neil Sorrell that analyses Narayan's playing in detail, including a look at what he practices and a full transcription of a twenty-minute performance. I haven't finished studying it yet but it looks like one of the most enlightening looks at the nuts and bolts of this music that I have yet come across.

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