Tuesday, July 21, 2015

tidbits from film-philosophy conference 2015

"only a whisker away from risibility"

"patisserie aesthetic"

"a reverse-field cut through a wall"

"not as property, but as labour"

"chromatic expression"

"masking the axis of brilliance"


"musique concrète avant la lettre"

"others are more subtle in their undulations"

"is it possible to find any equivalent in so mongrel a medium as film?"

"the eye is expanded by film"

"depth here is not so much an ontological a priori so much as a postulate post priori"

"fourth wall suspense"

"the structure of the film is a theory about the events in the film"

"a pattern of peculiar pans"

"the long take perhaps announces its intention to continue"

"a gradual dramatization within the dedramatization"

"an anxiety around the loss of the indexical"

"the awful aloneness that one sometimes experiences in company"

"inappropriate clarification"

"ambiguity's threat to criticism should not be overstated"

"no petals are seen falling"

"indeterminate oscillation between the whole and its articulated parts"

"there are artworks beneath interpretation"

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