Wednesday, July 08, 2015

Very glad to have seen Interstellar yesterday, because it's always nice to have your prejudices confirmed. I am very far from being a Christopher Nolan fan but this was just bafflingly awful, to the extent that I really struggle to understand how it came to be so well received. The much-touted scientific accuracy turns out in almost every case not to be; about the only thing I can see that remains is that the wormhole is spherical. (If the computer rendering that it necessitated has led to a couple of scientific papers, then that is of course rather cool, but a $165 dollar feature film is a pretty expensive and eccentric funding model, even by the standards of modern physics.)

But then what would you expect from a director whose commitment to include only accurate physics was such that it took two weeks to dissuade him from including a sequence where a character travels faster than light, or who was completely determined both that nothing would be shown that violated known physical laws, and that the wildest speculations had to originate in scientific thought. Or, well, utterly devoted to these principles as long as they didn't "get in the way of a great movie". Which is basically the same thing, isn't it? And we haven't even got to the actual plot, the perpetual lame and humourless echoes of 2001, the dialogue which is impressive in that it plumbs new lows even for Nolan (apart from the execrable bits about love my favourite exchange was when Matt Damon exclaimed "You've literally raised me from the dead!", to which Matthew McConaughey solemnly replies "Lazarus", just in case the earlier sledgehammer exposition didn't do the trick), or the fact that a film supposedly all about relativity generates its climax through resolutely old-style cross-cutting of supposedly simultaneous events.

And just one more absolutely tiny thing: what the hell is going on with all the lens flare in shots of outer space that are clearly indicated to be not from the perspective of the spaceship? I, for one, would have loved to see a reverse shot of the alien camera operator hanging there in the blackness...

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