Sunday, January 08, 2017

Silence (Martin Scorsese, 2016)

Curious one, this. Certainly seems to be cinematic subject matter, and nothing here is actually bad, but it's rather plodding. Not much impact in the cinematography, a curious fondness for whip pans that don't seem to add anything, and what seems to be some rather bafflingly hamfisted editing (is Andrew Garfield standing up? no, he's sitting down...) Neeson is rather good - his first scene with Garfield throws up some genuinely interesting ideas, but it's a long way in getting there, and the final image flattens out the possible interpretations a little too much. Adam Driver woefully underused as well - others have said this, but I'd have like to see him have Garfield's part (which is to say, to play the lead).

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