Thursday, March 27, 2008

Bass connections

In danger of missing my post-a-month rule here, but not sure I have anything particularly striking to say right now. Still, as I'm off to Germany for the weekend (from Heathrow Terminal 5 - fingers crossed our luggage will come with us!) first thing tomorrow I thought I should put something up.

So, just a little musical tidbit I spotted that may or may not be of any significance. In John Coltrane's Ascension, Edition 1, just before Elvin Jones' drum solo, there is a bass line that goes something like:

Then, more than twenty years later on Cecil Taylor's piece Involution/Evolution, from the CD Alms/Tiergarten (Spree), recorded in Berlin in 1988 by his European Orchestra, the two bassists (William Parker and Peter Kowald) open with a line resembling:

The two lines struck my ear as similar - possibly even a case of direct influence? It is probably impossible to prove either way, but I'd be interested if anyone has any thoughts.

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Anonymous said...

Well, we did just make it didn't we! Ironically enough, the Oxford based members of Uusikuu had a very quick walk through the new "state of the art" terminal (with hand luggage only) and managed to have a good weekend of performances in Germany. However, I think that avoiding T5 is a good idea for a good few months (years?!) because these "teething problems" might be here to stay... I just wonder whether there are people in, for example, the IOC who are now cursing themselves for giving the Olympics to the UK. Or, maybe with a little bit of political spin everyone will forget this whole episode and consider the Heathrow T5 project as a success...