Thursday, May 08, 2008

Still here!

Been quiet around here for a while, some of you may have noticed. Actually, this blog is soon to be going into semi-retirement. Not quite ready to announce the replacement but I hope it should be of interest, more predictably updated and a little different in some ways.

But some recent enthusiasms: this is witty and great fun, and this is an absolutely extraordinary novel; already planning to reread it.

I've enjoyed listening to the Arditti quartet playing the Grosse Fuge (lucky to find this and its sequel in one of those Notting Hill second hand record shops). Also stunning are Christopher DeLaurenti's field recordings of dissent and imperialism, available free here as a May Day present from UbuWeb. (But do also check out his brilliant website where there's much more to read, CDs can be ordered, etc).

And finally to provide something one can both look at and listen to, David Stent (electric guitar) and Bruno Guastalla (cello) providing a sterling rendition of my ongoing composition/improvisation project, Representations, in Abingdon (of all places!) a couple of months ago. Comments very welcome!

Representations Two (8/3/08) Part One

Representations Two Part Two

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Alexander Hawkins said...

Dom - you are hopeless publicist. What you of course meant to do was big up the NEXT INSTALMENT of the piece...p.s. too much to hope that the new, more frequently updated website will feature our photos of a well-known character from the world of classical music? I think you know what I mean...;)